What Happened to And1?

Hopefully this isn't taken as a form of disrespect but I have to say something. Back in the day (Late 90's - Early 00's) And1 was thee true representative of street basketball!


Their mixtapes were always something to look forward to. Before Hoopmixtape, there were And1 Mixtapes on VHS and eventually DVD. The And1 Tai Chi was a must have for the serious baller. Vince Carter was the face of And1 while dominating in showmanship in the league. 


Fast forward to 2016. No mixtapes. No retro Tai Chi. No marketing efforts to relive the past glory of the brand just exclusive Shoe releases for press "VIPs". And1 what are you doing??? I've been fortunate enough to wear test for you guys on your "budget friendly" shoes and I am not impressed by the direction you're choosing to go in. Your target audience seems to be K-Mart & Walmart shoppers. What happened? Seriously. I miss you guys.